Marco Everts Germany

Hardware Network Cloud Smart Home HTML/CSS Visual Basic.NET Microsoft Office Linux/Unix Android Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

I was born on 13 March 1992 as an only child with my parents in Wuppertal.

Since early childhood I was enthusiastic about technology, I was always happy when I was allowed to spend time on my father's computer. My dad used to play nice games for me on his Windows 98 system, but they soon got boring and I became more and more interested in the PC's operating system and other features, much to my dad's regret that he did not find it so great that I got up when he was gone exploring the system data.

When I got into bad debt in 1998 and the class got a used PC, my dad got ready to set up and install the computer, I helped him with it and got the computer in my room during the holidays and worked on it. When my parents saw that I was more and more occupied with the computer and also lazy, so that I no longer took apart my father's system, I got my first own computer.

Since then, I've been trying to expand my technical knowledge, trying to get the most out of my systems, and taking care of my parents' hardware and home network.